Thursday, September 16, 2010


My last great grandparent died yesterday morning. It is sad, of course- it's always sad- but he lived a long, full life and was suffering toward the end. I know he is much happier now. Before he died, I got to take Finn to visit him. He was very excited to meet Finn, since Finn was (and is) his first great great grandbaby. It was neat!

Here is a five generation picture! Unfortunately, my Grandma has passed away, so that is my great aunt Rinda standing in. It still counts. Granddad was staying with Rinda for quite a while toward the end, and I am so grateful to her for all she did. I sure do love her to pieces!

Granddad, I will sure miss you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just a Quickie!

This is just a quickie post with some photos from our recent trip to Wyoming and the few days before.

Finn- smiling! I have figured out how to get smiles again- Yay!!!

He loves to play in his car seat, as long as he's not in it. Then the toys are boring. (Note- this was before the 10 hour drive both ways... He's not so into his car seat anymore...)

Finn and Grandpa- right after church!

An actually decent family photo. Mostly decent, anyway.

Finley and his cousin? (My cousin's baby) Meliah. Meliah is a few months older than Finn. They rather liked each other.

Grandma feeding Finn some yummy tomatoes from his Great Grandma's garden!

Grandpa and Finn again, camping in the trailer.

Finn LOVES his Grandma's hair. This was a popular look for her this trip. She did like it, you know. Until he started to grab handfuls AND footfuls and pull in opposite directions. Ouch!

Finley also had his first real encounters with a dog. My old dog, Chaos. She is so good with him, too!

As a side note, Finn is getting another tooth. This makes three! And we had a great time in Wyoming. Got to eat Bobby Flay food- which was divine!, hang out in the mountains, see everybody around, and show off Finn. It was nice. Except for the drive.