Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Laughter to Brighten your Day!

Just because it's cute, and I am excited to have found a way to reliably get Finn to laugh.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four Month Doctor Visit and Super Cute Nails!

Well, I am going to start with my super cute nails, because I am so self-centered. Well, really it's because it happened first. Or something. I found these really cute star cutouts. Well, actually I found way too many. But they are for nails, and they are not stickers. I got a great deal, and had too much fun with them. Here they are!
Please ignore the way my knuckles dent in. I haven't lost all my baby fat yet?
And yes, those are my real nails. No fakies here!

Finley had his Four Month Visit today. Here are the stats:
Weight: 14lbs even. 24th percentile (still a little small)
Height: 24.5 inches. 24th percentile (well, at least he's consistent!)
Head: 16 inches. 10th percentile (I am okay with small head babies)
He also had to get his shots, poor guy. I forgot to give him Tylenol first, too, so he is pretty grumpy. I have to say though, he handled the first shot like a pro. Didn't cry or anything. It was the second one that did him in. I think it was just too cruel to handle.

We put him in 3-6 month clothes today, which was momentous. AND, we get to start feeding him real food! Well, real baby food, anyway. Nothing cuter than a messy faced baby, huh? That's what I think! So I made sure to take some photos!

He really seemed to like it, once he figured out it was food. I don't blame him for wondering. Rice cereal isn't my favorite, either. Notice Jason's death grip on his hands. He tends to try to shove them into his mouth every chance he gets. Thumbsucking- I hate you.

Aww- so cute! I was strangely super excited to feed him! I mean, it's messy and he wasn't that excited but I was just grinning away like an idiot.

Notice the blurred arms. He is such a squirmy kid! Like the bib? I know I do! (Emily, I think Gabe should be a pirate puppy when he grows up. Just sayin')

I guess he didn't like the feel of all that goop on his face, because he cleaned it up all by his lonesomes! Either that or tried to eat the bib. I am going with cleaning because I am sure Finn is a genius, and because I am hoping he will be a neat freak and clean all day long while I read. Sounds good, no? Yeah, I am the luckiest mom in the world!
And to end, a video of Finn ALMOST laughing. He was laughing really good until we pulled out the camera...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Irrational Fears

So, when I was 14 or so, my Mom got this electric razor thing. Only it wasn't a razor. It was more like an electric waxer. It pulled out all your leg hair. I asked her if it hurt, and she said not really. So I thought I would try it. (I have ALWAYS hated shaving.) So I turn that sucker on, and it is loud. I mean LOUD! I bring it close to my leg, and freak out. It's just so scary sounding, you know? I turned it off. I tried off and on to use it for the next few years, but I am just a chicken.

I recently bought an electric razor. I bought it 2 weeks ago and haven't used it yet. I am really excited about it, and think it will be wonderful. And since it doesn't yank the hair out, I am sure it won't be painful at all. But EVERY TIME I turn that thing on, I get nervous. Jason laughs at me. He's like- it doesn't hurt, Amanda. But it makes me so nervous! Why?

Well, I think it all comes back to my fear of vacuum cleaners. What?!?! You say? Yes, I am afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Not when I use it. I am just peachy if I am the one vacuuming. I know I won't run over my feet. Then I only have to worry about running over a cord. Yes, I think that if I run over a cord, ESPECIALLY the vacuum cord, the whole thing will blow up. Well, maybe not blow up, but I am pretty sure it will start a fire or something. It freaks me out. But this is not the only way I am afraid of the vacuum. If someone else is vacuuming, I have the urge to stand on a chair. When I was little my brothers used to chase me around with it. I thought it would suck me up. Now, I know it won't suck me up, but I am still afraid! In fact, Jason was vacuuming last week, and I was being a brave little girl and left my feet mostly on the floor. I did put them on tip toes so that he wouldn't run over them on accident. Well, he bumped my shin with the vacuum and I chewed him out a little. Okay, maybe I freaked out at him and told him he has to "TELL ME when he gets close to me so I can pick up my feet" in a not so nice voice.

I think every time I turn on my razor, it reminds me of a vacuum. Maybe I am afraid the little rollers will suck my skin in and pinch me. I have no idea. It just is a little freaky. I am going to persevere, though. To be able to shave whenever I want would be nice. Especially if I don't nick my knees.

In conclusion, Jason says that the thing that sets cats and dogs apart from humans is fear of the vacuum cleaner. In my defense, I say: Meow.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thumbsucker. And other photos of Finley

Well, Finn discovered his thumb last week. I am not too excited about it. Jason called me in to look at Finn while he was sleeping, and there he was, thumb firmly in mouth. It was so cute! I mean, look at that dimple in his cheek that he gets when he sucks! Awww! But then I started to think about the trials of getting your child to STOP thumbsucking (I mean, really, it isn't so cute when they're 12...) and firmly pulled it right out. I thought it was a one time thing. Unfortunately, I was wrong. He can find that thing so fast, it's incredible! I mean, he will be standing, and lunge his head forward and grab that thumb. It's driving me nuts. But it is cute.

He hasn't really figured out what to do with his other fingers yet. As a result, he usually forms them into a claw shape, and then proceeds to stab himself in the eye. And then he cries. I just look at him and say "You did that to yourself. Maybe if you didn't suck your thumb, you wouldn't poke your eye out." Okay- and then I give him a hug and make him feel better.

Jason laughs at me because I keep telling Finn "You are a big boy. Big boys don't suck their thumbs. Thumbsucking is for babies." Also, please notice Finley's angry sleeping face. He sleeps like that all the time. I am not sure why, but I think it's adorable!

I keep trying to get Finn to smile for the camera. He is ALL smiles now. But as soon as he sees the camera, all I get is pig face. Over and over again. Cute chin, eh? He is up to 14lbs now!

He is so wiggly! He's getting pretty close to rolling over. He has figured out how to pick up his bum using his legs and fling himself around. He just needs to get the top half moving.

I love this face! He makes it all the time! Too cute!

He is really REALLY good at holding his head up now. In fact, when we put him in the carseat, he tries to hold his head up for a while. It's pretty funny. :)

The bald spot on the back of his head is getting pretty funny. It's all jagged around the edges now. As a side note, all his new hair is blonde, blonde, blonde!

We got his professional hospital photo. I wasn't sure if I wanted to order any, but then I realized that we didn't take any photos that showed his hair- just him in hats! He is one day old here, and I think he looks pretty darn cute, considering. He had a TON of hair, huh?

He has started grabbing things. He loves to grab the bottle. Both sides. And he is all done breastfeeding now. In case you wanted to know.

This is RIGHT after he was done eating. We take the bottle out, and it's stretchy time!

Here is a series of photos of us trying to take our own family photos. We tried. It's harder than you think to get everybody in the frame and looking okay. The last one was ALMOST perfect. If only Finn hadn't looked down. Oh well. One of these days we will get a good one. Or maybe I'll just photoshop them...