Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm so excited!

So, if anyone has been watching my weight loss ticker, you will have noticed that I have been stuck at 19.6 lbs lost for quite some time now. Seriously- like a month. It was a roller coaster. Honestly, I gained some weight back, but didn't want to ticker that. Nobody needs to know that embarrassing-ness. So, I gained some weight, lost some weight, gained some weight, lost some weight and kept going right back to 19.6 lbs! It was so frustrating! But, this morning when I weighed myself, I was down two pounds! YES!!! I am beyond excited! Once I start losing it goes pretty well, but those plateaus are really hard. So, I am prepared to kick it up a notch now that I can see some results! I was planning to go walk to like 5 grocery stores today looking for rhubarb, but it's a little late now. Some of them were really far away, and I want to be back by six, since Jason should be getting home. Maybe next week...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dillon, Jason, and I at Trafalga!!

Dillon, Jason, and I decided to make a trip to Trafalga, since they have an amazing deal. Seriously- it's amazing. Trafalga is like a miniature golf, arcade, go kart, batting cages, all-around family fun center in Orem. We started out with miniature golf indoors, on a cool black light course. It's the best course there, but always pretty crowded. I did remember to take photos- yay! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures for the rest of it. Oh well. Also, these photos are kindof blurry since I didn't want to ruin the cool black light effect with a flash. After that, we did another round of golf outside. Then we got some Dippin' Dots.
Then we did the arcade, and Lady Luck was definitely in residence! It started with me. I was playing Deal or No Deal (which is basically like the TV show). You can win minimum 1 ticket and maximum 400 tickets. And they let you see which briefcase has the 400 tickets and then shuffle it around. At first you think this is great, but I promise, it's impossible to follow. I must admit, I am pretty horrible at it. I tend to just want to play it out until the bitter end. For example- last time I played two games, and only won 11 tickets. Sadness. But this time, I won 40 my first game, and then, AMAZINGLY, I got 400!! I totally picked the right briefcase! Wah-hoo! Jackpot for Amanda! So I run off to the boys to brag, and lo-and-behold, Dillon hits his jackpot!! It was a wheel of fortune game where you try to stop the light on the free spin and then hope for 500 tickets. And he got it! And then immediately after, he got two 300 spins in a row! Holy Cow! And THEN, Jason got HIS jackpot! It was insane! He was doing a light stopping kind, and he wasn't even paying attention, and whammo! 568 tickets! Yeah- the guy had to come replace tickets on all of our machines. So we ended up with a grand total of 4, 300 or so tickets. It was awesome! Jason and Dillon got lots of stink bombs that they took on a scout campout. Apparently, it was way worth it just to see the looks on the guys' faces!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Joys of Dillon

So, one of the things that I love best for when Dillon comes to visit, is all the free music. He is a bit of a music guru, and he LOVES to introduce people to new stuff. And, lucky, lucky me, I get tons of mew music every time he comes to visit. Last year, I got 27 new cds. No joke. 27. And I still haven't listened to some of them all the way through. This year was not quite as fruitful, but here's the list of goods (in alphabetical order with Artist first):

The Almost- Southern Weather
Anberlin- Blueprints for the Black Market
Anberlin- New Surrender
Blue October- Foiled
Death Cab for Cutie- Narrow Stairs
Death Cab for Cutie- Transatlanticism
Eve 6- It's All in Your Head
Ill Scarlet- EPdemic
Metro Station- Metro Station
Owl City- Maybe I'm Dreaming
Owl City- Of June
Paramore- Riot
Plain White Ts- Big Bad World
Relient K- Two Lefts Don't Make a Right But Three Do
Secondhand Serenade- A Twist in My Story
Shinedown- The Sound of Madness
Sugar Ray- The Best of Sugar Ray
Sugarcult- Lights Out
Three Days Grace- One-X
Three Days Grace- Three Days Grace
Unwritten Law- Here's To the Morning
Unwritten Law- The Hit List
Weezer- The Red Album

So, this year I only got 23 albums. Plus some random songs. So, yeah. Aren't you jealous? Oh- And he gave me like 90 new Apps for my iPod Touch. Yeah. It's awesome. (Oh- the photo is him explaining to Jason why the Bronco doesn't work from the manual.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Slash Dillon

Dillon is in town, visiting for his Spring Break. I think my parents are frustrated with him. I think this is either the 2nd or 3rd year in a row he has come to visit me for Spring Break. My parents try to bribe him with all these amazing vacations that they can all go on, but Dillon would rather visit me. Oh yeah- it does make me feel really good. Even though I am sure he likes Jason better. Who wouldn't? Jason takes him bowfishing and shooting and all sorts of cool guy stuff. And me- I take him to the grocery store. Yeah. I would like Jason better too. I thought I would post a few pictures of Dillon, so that you all can be jealous that my brother (17 years old) would rather hang out with me than take a tour of the east coast or go to California. Yeah.
Dillon when I was in High School. I am guessing maybe 8-10 years old.
This is from last Spring Break when we went to the lava tubes. It's a cool place.
This is Dillon harassing my cat. One of his favorite pastimes.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life- oh life!

Well, I don't have nay exciting pictures to post. Sorry. But, I just wanted to post a little something. I have really been working on being more of an extrovert. I have a hard time getting to know people, and feel so much more comfortable in groups of people I already know. (But who doesn't, right?) So, I decided that I was going to make an effort to get to know some more people and get out of my comfort zone a little. And I am SO glad I am doing it! There is a lady in my ward (who is the choir director) and she was very welcoming when we first moved in. Her name is Suzanne. I liked her, but was unwilling to try to make friends. I was just glad someone would smile at me! But at a Relief Society get-together last week, I sat by her and we started talking. I mentioned that I am home alot, and somehow our table got into a discussion about grocery shopping. I mentioned that I hate to grocery shop, and Suzanne was like: "We should go grocery shopping together!" I kindof went- Yeah, okay, but that was it. Well, I started thinking that maybe I should make more of an effort to make friends. So I called her up today, and we went grocery shopping. And we had a great time! We spent alot of time talking, and I really enjoyed it. I think we will do it more often. I just wanted to brag a bit, because- gosh- it seems so hard to make friends after high school and marriage!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jason and Jack

As a side note, I have been doing TONS of fun things lately, but have not been taking my camera. Why did I want one so bad if I don't take it anywhere. Note to self: strive to take more photos.

On Saturday, we were hanging out with Heather and Jason, when all of a sudden, Jason calls out "Not It!" Heather follows right after, but not being used to this, Jason and I are a bit behind. Jason loses the race. (Note: As there are plenty of Jasons in this story- My Jason will now be notated with a "My.") We have no idea what this is for. But, Jason happily informs us that My Jason has lost, and he gets to bathe Jack. Now- you have to realize that My Jason has never been around kids (except for Jack) and has NO idea how to do anything. Like- couldn't figure out the onesie. Yeah. So, Heather, Jason, and I are all giggling as My Jason loudly complains that Jack is not HIS kid- why should he have to give him a bath? Jason decided to stay by him and give him pointers so that Heather and I could go play- but we couldn't resist the show. My Jason did just fine, and under duress, later admitted that it wasn't that bad. It was pretty funny to watch, though! I think Jason has decided to prepare My Jason for fatherhood by making him practice on Jack. It makes me laugh. I am sure My Jason will figure it out eventually. (And no- that is not me giving hints that I am pregnant. I will tell you straight out, mmkay?)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Jewelry

I have been meaning to post some jewelry I made. All of this I made just a few days ago. Nothing too amazingly creative, but all cute, I thought!
These earrings are a really gorgeous shade of green with glitter. It's hard to tell in the photo.
I am not sure what the briolettes are, but the crystals are Swarovski. More delicate than I usually make things.
I LOVE these earrings! They are enormous! My first mixed metal project. It's hard to tell, but most of it is gold, with the larger hoops being silver. I asked Jason if he liked them, and he said " (awkward pause) They are really big." I laughed!
My finger for scale. Seriously- these earrings are huge! Also, I was wearing them in the cupcake post. If you noticed. Also, I think these may be the only RED earrings I have. Weird.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cupcake Frenzy!!

Me- chomping down on one of those delicious cupcakes! (PS- like the earrings? I'll post them later...)

So, I was having the WORST craving for baked goods lately! I mean, bad! I would be in the grocery store, just drooling over all their day-old stuff. Even stuff I don't really like! So, I thought before I got too bad, I had better make something tasty myself! I went over to Faith's and we had a blast making cupcakes! Her two-year old, Grace, was in candy heaven. Who knows how much sweet stuff she ate! It was loads of fun! Oh- the blank spot was a cupcake I ate. It wasn't very cute, so I didn't feel the need to document it.
Now- a little guessing game for your enjoyment. (And Faith is not allowed to answer, as she already knows all the answers!) What are my cupcakes portraying?
I'll give you a hint to get started. This guy is feeling sheepish. Or maybe guilty.
Hmmm- classics, classics, classics!
Okay- I'll give you one. This one is portraying absolutely nothing. Hey- I'm not THAT creative!
Katie- This one I did Just For You! Oh, and I smeared one of the eyes. But you get it! This one is also my favorite, I think.
The only one, well almost, that isn't a person.
Ahh- the memories!
Anybody watch Cartoon Network?
Umm- this one turned out different than I meant it to be, but I still have a firm idea of what it is.
Okay- this one is a little tricky. Bonus point for anybody who can figure it out!
Her wart fell off. Or rather, one of them did.
Not really sure what this is. Scared red-haired kid? No idea. Maybe he's just dumb. It was my first one -give me a break!