Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well, I don't have any pictures. Or rather, I don't feel like uploading my pictures, so that will have to wait for another uber-exciting post. This one will just be ho-hum. Here is what has been going on with each of us lately.

Jason has been working, and working, and working. Poor guy! He hasn't been able to do anything really fun for a long time. We are just grateful he has a job and that we can save money for the slow times. He is still loving his Young Men calling. They do lots of cool things, like slack lining. It looked fun, and I wish I could have done it! He is also very into cooking meals for others. And when I say cooking meals, I mean ME cooking meals, and him inviting people. I have been making treats every Sunday, and meals about every other Sunday. I made schwarmas this week. I know you are jealous!

Finley is still just a-growing! He has FIVE teeth now, which I must admit is weird. He grew the first four in pairs, so I haven't seen him with an uneven mouth before now. He is starting to stand up by himself. I think he will be walking WELL before his first birthday. He is getting to look more and more like Jason. EVERYBODY says he looks just like Jason. He is also in to monster noises and snorting right now. It is pretty hilarious to hear him growling all the time.

I am doing nothing of great interest. Well, actually, I did help Preston pick out his engagement ring this week. It was so much fun! And it is SOOOOOO gorgeous! I am jealous, I will admit it! It also makes me want a new ring. Which I don't need. (Repeated until I believe it.) And today I got a new waffle iron, a sil pat, and some cutlery organizers that I am way too excited about. Sometimes I think I am just a little bit too weird. I keep opening my drawers to look at those organizers.

And to end, a somewhat embarrassing story. Preston calls. He wants to come hang out. Sure, why not? So I am feeding Finn and getting him ready for bed. I am changing his diaper, and have just rolled up the old one and not put the new one on yet, when somebody knocks on the door. I run to open the door, turn around without looking and say "You have HORRIBLE timing!" Well, it was my landlord, and he looked pretty freaked out. He just kept saying "I'm so sorry" and I was embarrassed. It was awkward all around. He laughed about it later, but he was freaked out for a while, there. Oh well, c'est la vie!