Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Embarrassing Story Number 3

I just remembered this embarrassing story, and had to share. We all have to laugh more often. Ahem.

I was about eleven years old, and just starting to become that lovely self-conscious being that takes over until you turn about 20. Or maybe older. (Or maybe just until you get married. I mean, they are stuck with you anyway, right?) My dad had recently decided that he was going to set up a photo booth- you know the type. Sit in it and print out your photo? Yup, that's the one! He was going to call it "Phun Photo" and it was going to have various templates for you to position your face in.

We were just outside the front door, and I sneezed. I had a HUGE booger hanging out of my nose. I mean, literally, inches long. It was disgusting. I had my hand over it, of course, and was begging that we go back inside so I can get a kleenex. Dad makes me let him see, which was embarrassing enough, but then he declares it to be perfect for the photo booth and runs inside to get his camera. I was so mortified! Here I was, with a huge booger hanging out of my nose, and I had to wait for my dad to get the camera so he could take a picture of it so that immature teenage boys could have MY booger hanging out of THEIR nose in a fake photo. I was crying. It was awful.

By the way, whatever happened to that picture? And, I just have to add that my dad refused to take photos of me when I was a baby because I lost my hair in a funny way, and he didn't want to embarrass me. Which one is more embarrassing, hmmmm?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jason and His Weird Self...

Jason cracks me up. He has this knack for randomly getting strangers to tell him their life story in about 2 minutes flat. I don't have any idea how he does it. I used to think I was a friendly person (well, okay, I still am) but I am NOTHING compared to Jason.

Last year, we were getting gas. Nothing exciting. He starts the pump. The guy at the next station says hi. Jason says hi back, and then asks him where he's headed. Before the pumping is done, he has learned that the guy lives in Springville, is going to Moab, used to be a professional football player for some team that I forgot, why he had to retire, how much money he made, how many he kids he made and more. I am just stunned. I mean, I would have said hi back. But no way would I find all of that out!

A few weeks ago, we went to Stumpy burger on a recommendation (it was good, by the way). We order our food, and because it was pretty empty (well it was 3pm) the guy who does everything there brought it out to us. He mentioned that he created the special fry sauce in Missouri, so Jason asks if that's where he's from. No, the guy is from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and used to be a professor. We learned how many colleges there are in Coeur d'Alene- four, if it's close to mountains, how high the mountains are, how long the guy taught, what he taught and so on and so on. A pretty normal experience for Jason. Then a few minutes later, somebody else comes in to order. The guy pulls Jason into the KITCHEN! To show him how he makes the Philly Cheesesteak because Jason was asking about it when we ordered. He's back there for a few minutes. And to top it off, the guy stops at our table with the food the other people ordered to show him the finished product. My jaw hit the floor! How does Jason get invited back there and not me? I mean, I said more about the food. It was nuts.

The funniest thing of all about this encounter? I was like "I don't know how you get everybody to be your best friend in 2 minutes flat." Jason: "I don't know what you're talking about. Some people are just friendly." Me: "You think he takes EVERYBODY into the kitchen?" Jason: "Well, yeah. This is pretty normal." My jaw hit the floor AGAIN! I mean seriously, how can he think that is normal behavior? I have never once been invited into a kitchen. And I am pretty sure that guy doesn't invite everyone in there either. I guess Jason just has a magic touch...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tuesday Adventures

Well, I know it is not Tuesday. Or Wednesday. So I am running a little behind schedule- so what? Tuesday was an adventurous day for me... Well, okay not too adventurous. But more so than usual. I don't know why I am blabbering on in such a weird fashion.

Tuesday for Mutual, we had a Progressive dinner/Get to Know Your Leaders night. I got to kick it all off with appetizers. Salad was suggested, but did I do salad? No way! A chance to show off some cooking AND make people eat new things? Opportunity Taken! So I decided to do 3 different types of crostini and one other appetizer. Being myself, I am a HORRIBLE time manager. So did I get it all set out and ready by the time everyone showed up? No. Did I have half of it done when everybody showed up? No. Oh well. I did get everything finished about 10 minutes after everyone showed up, which was pretty good for me.
I made Crostini with St. Andre cheese and pink lady apples, crostini with chevre, arugula tossed in balsamic vinegar, and roasted red peppers, crostini with sauteed bacon and red onions, and insalata caprese, which is tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil drizzled in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They were pretty delicious! Judging by the amount that got eaten, the St Andre cheese and pink lady apple were the favorite.

So, we move on to the other houses, and I had a wonderful time listening to embarrassing stories, looking at old photos, and learning funny little quirks about my fellow leaders. I get home, and sit on the couch and look down and notice a HUGE hole in my jeans! AND it was right on my inner thigh! Yikes! I immediately remember that I had been sitting cross legged on the floor at the last house and become somewhat embarrassed. I mean, this hole is probably a good five inches. Oh well, I guess that just happens sometimes. At least it wasn't in the crotch, hmmm?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Finn and Food

I will start with food, since I have done so many Finn posts lately.

I have eaten at some AMAZING places the last little while! Notably, SmashBurger and Pizzeria 712 have been my favorites. SmashBurger is apparently a chain, but I have no idea where any others are. They have amazing burgers, but even more amazing than the burgers are the SIDES! What, you say, better sides than burgers? That doesn't sound so great.... But it is! They have these fries that are tossed with garlic and rosemary, and they taste so potatoey and delicious! I have a huge thing for potatoey fries, and usually you have to get steak fries to get that good flavor. But these fries are incredible! They taste just like roasted potatoes, and you can never go wrong with rosemary! They also have flash fried veggies (not breaded) that have green beans, carrots, and ASPARAGUS! (And in case you were curious, yes, I can still smell asparagus pee. I had forgotten that I could. Oh well.) The great thing about these veggies, is that they are perfectly cooked. It's hard to get perfectly cooked veggies at restaurants, let alone fast food. So, yeah. I recommend it!

Pizzeria 712 was written up in Salt Lake Magazine and won all sorts of awards. We went with Heather and Jason, and we all ordered a different pizza. They were ALL good! The pizzas have extremely thin crusts, and are blackened a bit, which I love. I ordered a pizza with mushrooms (they were specialty mushrooms, I know, but I am not sure what kind.) goat cheese, and basil. Jason (my Jason) ordered one with potatoes, garlic and arugula. I love me some arugula! Heather ordered a margarita pizza. Jason (Heather's Jason) got one with Speck, which I guess is somewhat like prosciutto, Italian sausages and fennel. They were really delicious!

Now, on to Finn. Guess what? Jason got a picture of him smiling! And, serendipitously, I am also in the picture, and I look cute, well, kinda! I am pretty impressed! We weighed Finn the other day, and he is now 11.5 lbs. He is starting to look like a major chunk! Well, not really. But he does have a nice double chin, and he even has a roll on his thighs. We are also starting the weaning process. Well, we just started today, but we have seen no problems yet. I must say, bottle feeding is about a million times faster than breastfeeding, which is nice!

Awww- the little round belly! I am glad he isn't so skinny anymore.

I love this face! Plus, I think this photo is cool because Finn is exactly lined up with Jason's head. It was odd. Finn loves to just be in his diaper. I think he will be very happy when summer rolls around...

Daddy and Baby Feet. Always cute! Of course, Finn was screaming...

I think this photo is also pretty cute...

Here is his thigh. You can sort of see the roll, but it's easier to see from the inside. Oh well...

Finley has such cute feet! And they are so long!