Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pictures of the cutest boy ever!

Finn is getting huge! We still haven't weighed him. He is now over his cold, which is a relief to me. He is getting super fun! He loves to be tossed in the air, and he laughs at all sorts of weird things. Finn is interesting because he doesn't like to REALLY laugh. If you tickle him, he just grunts and holds his breath, but if you do something weird he will laugh, but in a more mild manner. I think he is a bit of a control freak.

I don't have much else to say, so I will let the pictures talk for me. Enjoy!
Thumbsucking. I can't get him to quit. I admit, I have given up for now.

He makes the FUNNIEST faces ever!

He likes to chew on his fingers, too. No teething yet.

For scale. And I haven't lost any weight. So he is getting pretty darn big!

He is such a ladies man! He has a smile for all the girls. I think he will be a heartbreaker.

I know this one is fuzzy, but it's such a big grin! It's harder to get those on camera than I thought it would be.

More faces. He was talking and getting excited here. I think he will take after me as far as facial expressions go.

Just so gosh darn cute!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Well, Finn is now Five months old! It's going by so fast! I don't have any current pictures. We have been a little bit busy over here. A list:
1. We moved. We are now the proud owners of a dishwasher and a washer AND a dryer! Makes life oh so nice.

2. We have all been sick. Yes, all. Including Finn. Although it is his first time, which I think is a pretty good track record. Jason gave it to us.

3. Okay. I got nothing else. But since Finn is Five months old and May is the Fifth month, here are five fives about me.

5 favorite sounds
1. Rain- especially a thunderstorm
2. Finn talking to himself. It never gets old!
3. Hearing my phone ring. (Maybe because it's Sleeping Beauty, but mostly because I love getting phone calls.)
4. The dishwasher. It means I have one AND I have been good!
5. Music. I love me some music!

5 least favorite sounds
1. People fighting that live upstairs or downstairs or next door. Awkward.
2. Bees. Shudder.
3. The way the shower head whines. Ugh.
4. The car with the windows open on the highway.
5. The stupid bird I had shot because it squawked too early in the morning. I was pregnant. I think.

5 people I would not like to be trapped in an elevator with
1. Cameron Hitch. He was my creepy stalker in HS. He couldn't look me in the face, if you know what I mean.
2. Jack Nicholson. He creeps me out. I think it's the eyebrows.
3. A woman about to give birth. I do NOT want to see what I put myself through!
4. The devil.
5. Kate Gosselin

5 things I think I like but then really don't
1. Hats. I think I love them, but I don't. They are not so cute on me.
2. High heels. I have so many pairs, but they are so uncomfortable!
3. Actually doing my hair. I do enjoy it, but only a few times a year.
4. When Jason lets me drive. I always forget that he is a HORRIBLE backseat driver.
5. Summer. Too hot. And I don't even have a pool anymore.

5 reasons to eat ice cream for dinner
1. Because ice cream is better than nothing, and it's been too long since I went shopping.
2. Because I just read a Nicholas Sparks book and am now sobbing uncontrollably.
3. Because it was an awesome day, and ice cream is the perfect ending!
4. Because my mom won't know, and therefore can't tell me not to. I am an adult! :)
5. Because there is never a bad time to eat ice cream! Mmmm