Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Goals

I have a new goal of blogging once a week. I think it will make me take more pictures, because I am hardly taking any now. And Finn is growing up so fast! And doing so many cute and adorable things. (All the good pictures I have are on Jason's phone... so. Yeah. Sorry. I will post them later!)

Finn is talking and signing like a pro! He is speaking in complete sentences (grammatically correct and everything!) every now and again. It's getting pretty frequent. We started doing signing time, and he LOVES it! I bet he signs more than 100 words. We practice in the car and when he's in the mood. I can't believe he's almost two!

Finn is singing a ton lately! It's so adorable! He will sit down on the piano bench and play and sing nonsense. I love it! He is also really into balls of any type. His favorites right now are whiffle balls and golf balls. He also likes to cook me things. It's impressive the things he pretends to do. (At least I think so!)

I am setting goals for myself. I think it's my way of being annoyed with waiting for things I can't control. I am trying to exercise and make healthy eating choices. It's still in the early phases. I REALLY want a personal trainer. REALLY REALLY. But, I don't want to pay for one. They are expensive! So I'm trying to motivate myself. We'll see how it goes. Oh, and I chopped my hair off. It was a good six inches longer at least. Picture above.

Jason is staying busy, as always. He just got a season pass, so he's excited for the ski season to start. He's also doing a lot of hunting. Mostly birds. This week he got a thermal imaging camera for a week long trial. That is a fun toy! If you touch the wall, you can see a handprint there for quite some time. It's pretty awesome.


I am a mother! said...

I'm glad you're blogging again. :)

Emily said...

I just got volunteered to run a marathon relay! I only have to do five miles, but I guess eating Twix and being on the computer all night was not the best idea. I would be your personal trainer if I knew how the heck to do that and if we lived closer! I miss you guys! Give your genius child a kiss for me!

=0)jessica said...

wow, he looks just like you! did you get a house yet? miss ya'll so much!

=0aunt jessica & uncle greg